Wednesday, 31 December 2014

Tahun Baru 2015


Firstly Alhamdulillah untuk Allah swt.. Thanks to Allah  has given me all the awards and teaching throughout the year. A lot has happened. There are bad and some are good. I never expected such a good life, all my life thinking only of achieving the end of life. But I am thankful that God has given this great gift so I can feel the life being engaged with good men and will eventually become his wife and have my own rumahtangga.

Still counting day, almost one year we meet. And like this song..

Berakhir sudah pencarian cintaku
Jiwa ini tak lagi sepi
Hati ini telah dimiliki
Tiba diriku di penghujung mencari cinta
Diri ini tak lagi sepi
Kini aku tak sendiri

Haha.. Semoga semuanya berjalan dengan lancar, 1 month counting...

#zhnb #zhnbwedding :)

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