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Hi all, we meet again. To the title above, the experience of "sepanjang" semester in Diploma either Degree. All the ups and downs I traveled to get to this top. I started with only a girl who has a quiet character and do not know to do a job though, but now I am a full human experience of joy and sorrow.

I start my first step in UiTM Lendu, Malacca. Carry the name of my father in my name, Ajla Nabilah Binti (NASHARUDDIN). Moving to a new environment sobb~ :'( meet the new characters of people. Different personalities and different ways their upbringing. Remember the first time when I enrolled there, I met a sweet girls who I admire greatly sehingga kehari ini. She is my close friend, Ainnur Halimah.

The first time I shake hands with her, meet with her and my mother believe her is a good from the highlighted character and she can take care of me. She was a very polite, very nice and respectful of others. Throughout life, I could never be away from my mother. But on that day I have to be strong and live a new life far away from my mother. I should learn to be independent.

Next in the week we were exposed to a variety of activities that make me depressed (arghhh! we call that MMS, Minggu Mesra Siswa). I've never experienced anything like it even though I had attended school activities long time ago. But the situation here is so sad, it hurt my heart apetah lagi, when far from my family. But, not long after that I'm enjoy it. After that day by day, I met a friend for a new one from my level ANGAH in hostel. Among them are, Merey, Kiah, Kak china, bebe sister, ann, Amnah and all friends who are in the hostel. 

Induction time (dulu kala sangat seronok,of course sbb adanya induction ni, berlari cari signature kakak senior, joget ultraman buat mcm2 baru dpt. semua tu kenangan.)

Not long after that, we split into groups and I was acquainted with my classmates.

And when we go up to the semester 2, then we split into their respective departments. A lot of my friends go to the photo and graphics departments, and I am in right place in the department of fine arts. Began a new story when we argue, in defense department frowned respectively. But I was just with me, I was supposed to choose where I go. (kak cina : kau pilih mana yang hati kau kata nak.) even semua kawan aku ke department lain, tap aku nekad nak kan fine art. (padahal tak tau mcm mana seksanya fine art, yela tgok org lukis cantik je ingat sng, HAMEK KAU)

Busuk je rupa masing2, masa ni semua baru belasan taun mmg la nmpak muda.

Bila jalan2 kemana pun, dengan mereka tak pernah sekali pun tinggal solat :)

tenten, me and zyla

mereka ni roommates level bawah, how we meet? cz c gebu (tengah) selalu menjenguk level atas.

ekino, teha, dayah and me

department fine art
jumpa gebu selepas ke fast track

tiga jejaka kelas kami. (dr hjung ejat, adib, syazwang)

Bila masuk sem ketiga, semua pun berubah. Ramai kwn yang ke fast track (terus ke degree shah alam) meninggalkan kami semua. Termasuklah gebu, merey, farah dan ten awesome.

my bestfriend (sumpah hudo muke aku tu)

my best lecture 

many place we together (Citra Terengganu competition)

Dan seterusnya sehinggalah ke DIPLOMA SHOW FACULTY ART AND DESIGN

*ntah mana pegi blog yg tu, maybe dah terdelete.

we are all ex diploma Uitm Lendu fine art students.

I miss this time alot,  ;)

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