Friday, 5 July 2013




Upon completion of the diploma, I was enrolled into a bachelor's degree. At first I was excited because there are rumors saying that there will be a degree of the faculty of art and design at the City campus will be open. Because I did not like to leave the city of Malacca. A place full of happy and bitter experience of mine. 

But then my heart feel SIGHHH~ because the department did not have time to prepare a bachelor's degree there. Only the graphics department only taken root there. So, I shall proceed only with fortitude. Going to state my first new track to continue my learning. I connect my undergraduate degree at UiTM Shah Alam. 

My first track here, I did not feel happy like being in Malacca. The city is very large and very difficult to move me find equipment. This is because I do not have a vehicle and had to stay friends who have a vehicle so I feel bored with this situation. Selfishness cause most of my friends attitude. Because of that, I never liked this city or Shah Alam main campus is. Although it is great because it is the head of all the UiTM campus, but its facilities are very poor, unlike the branch campuses. 

But I still have to go and face this situation until the end of my degree. And now, I've bounced back. Here is a little picture of my FINE ART DEGREE SHOW EXHIBITION.

Dinner of ARABIC NIGHT Faculty Art and Design

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