Thursday, 26 September 2013


Assalammualaikum.. Today story morry more more is about?

Date 21 and 22 September 2013, held the marriage ceremony and the wedding of my beloved aunt. Since childhood, my brother and sister always with our aunt cum sister merangkap adik tiri kepada my momma. Bila menyambut Eid in BTR, Kuala Lumpur, we would recognize something new together is taught by our aunt. Together watch movies, watch Hindi movies (Badshah, Mohabattien) paling suka ulang2 cerita Raj Aryan Malhotra, dancing together with Britney spear song.. hee toxic maybe. kemain uolls! , play games together The Sims (seronok tgok game tu buat anak) perghh nampak tak gatal dia? -opss bebudak mana tau ape..hee and when we sleep will chat about the artist and also about boyfriend ( gugurl you).

But, the days grow older. Until we lost a grandfather when he died in 2007 (Ahmad Bin Asimo) Alfatiha atuk. And everything has changed. Previously we'll joyous Eid at home grandfather in the morning because there will be prayer and recital and finally from the nearby mosque.

Now, we are not happy Eid as before. Because our step-grandmother sitting in a separate house, followed by our aunt. Adults, and aunt were married. 

akad nikah time :)

sanding time, (Dewan Risda Ampang)

this is FACEBOOK PAGE for my aunt shop, if nak buat dessert buffet for wedding ke, tempahan untuk cup cake gifs or everything for birthday party or wedding also any event, you can call. (promote)

 buffet booth :)
Here the owner, my aunt Mastura with her hubby and beside cik ayu and her hubby.

Congratulation to Cik Mezy and her groom Cik Naz 
And also Happy shopping and order with Candy cabin and gift shop!!


  1. salam singgah... :) lawanya aunty dia .akak tengok cantik sume bab2 desser tuh

    1. waalaikumsalam... thank sis.. I appreciate that hehe :D