Sunday, 10 November 2013


Assalammualaikum, Hi reader.

Now, I have been working. As the Graphic designer in Percetakan Punca Jaya at my town. While interview, I already asked to take leave. Sbbnya, raptai konvo ni. 3hb Nov after i got my first salary. I am going to Malacca first because plan it with my friend. Actually, I want to meet my lovely new friend. He?

He make me feel like I am existence. For the first time, we meet in Malacca, when I accompanied a friend who was playing football. And he in there also playing football. And with the little conflict, we become good friend and love each other. We walking together, going to pantai puteri, Jonker street and eat. 

Hihihi, LOOK! dalam cerita ada cerita. Bila dah mula menaip mula la mengimol. Mengimol? He always said that kind of ayat. meaning : merepek kelaut.

He going to Vietnam for Tiger street football, nasib baik masih ada gadget and networking. But still sedih, when he said he could not go to my graduation ceremony. 

Next story, Graduation ofcourse and maybe some sad story. and I still chill :)

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