Thursday, 2 May 2013

One and only?

Assalammualaikum... Hi reader, today story is...

Sigh...  As you see at the title.. Do you think that I'm can trust that sentence again? after all i have been through. I feel so sick to trusted people again either man or women. Various hurdles that we have to go through in life as a servant of Allah swt. We must continue to be patient and patient...

After I finally break up, then I will see all the mistakes he did. He's just looking for my mistake as to cover up mistakes that he did. New things that I have learned from this experience is, people can change and will change. That was when I saw at him. Never trust the promise words from people, but believe to QADA and QADAR Allah swt. Jodoh dan Ajal sudah ditulis sebaik sahaja kita berusia 4 bulan di dalam rahim ibu. 

So! why I supposed to worry about all that? yup, sometimes we have to continue make a try to find/searching... but don't think to much if you failed and try again.

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Aku manusia. Kau manusia. Yang membezakan antara kita ialah sifat dan amalan kita. Aku tak pernah salahkan kekejaman yang kau lakukan. Aku tidak berniat hendak mengungkit, tetapi aku mengalami tekanan perasaan yang teruk atas perbuatan kau selama ini terhadap aku. Jadi, aku cuma harap suatu hari nanti Tuhan beri peringatan atas perbuatan kau selama ini berbuat buruk terhadap aku yang ikhlas mencintai kau sehingga buat aku terkorban. 
Kita semua pernah terkorban dalam dunia percintaan remaja.

PS: I already tried again, and there he is someone who using that annoying sentence again...but wait and see, pray for happiness. Mr.KT Hopefully our relationship got KEBERKATAN. Aminn... :)

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