Friday, 1 March 2013


Assalammualaikum, hi reader, today story is..

The title above already makes you all think and imagine it. Wedding? What is wedding? Why wedding?
Wakaka, it because sudden i hear the "kompang di paluuu pengantin baruuu..." Ouh nothing.. just I think of myself. Hang bila nak makan nasi minyak sendiri? What to dooo.. I do not have a lover, What I mean is prince who love me, accept me as who I am. 

Friend are similar age with me mostly married and she also already have the daughter. Other friend who do not married also have their lover. But me, I have a lover. My TEPUNG. But, I dont know if he really love me or not. Crazy right?! Hmm.. But that the truth. We got big crisis. :'((

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