Friday, 1 March 2013

MY Favorite film directors

Assalammualaikum, Hi reader, today story is...

My favorite film director. Of course for me he and he is the best director. Guess who? 


This is i give u'oll some picture of him. If you want more just click here some wikepedioss TIM BURTON :)

I like him not because how creepy he is in this picture..wahaha.. It because his talent for create/making his film. I like fantasy, horror, cute, creepy because it all impressed me. (When watching we all keep thinking what the ending). I feel in love with his film when i watching "SLEPPY HOLLOW (1999)'' went I in standard 4 primary school. Then I at the same time TV2 or Singapore channel (JB sahaja dpt) they put the "Edward Scissorhands (1990)''. Then, I more obsessed with his Corpse Bride. 3D animation. 

Then, Not only oversea  film director. I also like my Malaysian film director.Guess who??


Beliau masih lagi menggunakan budaya melayu dalam filem beliau seperti abangnya Lat kartunis bagi watak Kampung Boy. Beliau berasal dari Perak, jadi dia lebih menggunakan delek orang Perak. Filem yang saya gemari adalah "Rock 2013 rimba bara :)''.

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