Friday, 21 November 2014

New Job (Karier berterabur)


I got the call! someone i think same old with my mother..

tell me all the story that I don't understand.. event? tyt? what tyt?

I am johorean, that why I don't care and I even don't know what they called TYT. TYT is someone yang dipilih oleh Agong for manage or take care of state without Sultan. then I was like "Ouhhhhh haaa.." Johor got TMJ.

She was very excited.. Call me and tell me bout tyt.. and also want me to work with her. Then okay, I goin interview and the next day I start working. In here Historic Photo studio. Gov official photographer. As image editor.

then this the first event I joined and very tired sometime enjoy. new experience.

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