Sunday, 19 January 2014

Yesterday Weekend


Yaww, yesterday is weekend. Fabulous Sunday..

I suprised awake because without end coversation automatic I can awake like mumia. this!

Then goin to pray and I nap for awhile.

Wake up again 9.00 am and also shock because..
(Ts is weekend and again! What are you doin neighbour, btukang ape pulak ni. Could you please bsantai je ari cuti ni.)

Then I packing goin to my cousin house without shower( hikhik)
(sejud weh, mandi rumah makngah)

In the evening im goin to MITC with my cousin (pc fair)

And there is nothing that I can buy. none of that interests me..
Ya iya loo, bukan selalu pun ada pc fair, why not give the less, ni every price same with in store. Just certain powerbank from china buy one free one. tp tak di jamin lansung smpai bila okaynya.

Then goin to proton exhibit, and i wonder...
where Proton shark??
Because last year, on highway to north side with the lorry transporting of shark. Same like crz. but like shark teeth in front. Maybe it limited or tak laku. atau tak layak di keluarkan. Wallahhualam.. ;)

Then after, goin to dinner with my love. :)

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