Thursday, 12 December 2013

My Birthday 23's


On my birthday, yup actually that day is the my bad day and happy day.

First of all, I want to shared the story of bad side on my birthday. Bout my friends. friend? layak ke dipanggil kawan. On first meet she like the Angel. Baik budi bahasanya, suka bantu org. And at the back, she like the backstabber. Buat baik untuk menguntungkan diri sendiri. I accept qada dan qadar Allah, I know everything is good for me. Im not deserved to berdendam dgn dia. But I feel like really frustrated with that two peoples. But thank alot for them, coz because of them. I meet my half soul. :D

Okay now story bout the good side, hehe.. my family make the BBQ that night, and guess what. I love very much "koo gee" its meat. kembung perut mkn daging sahaja.

some of the picture of BBQ

Intan payung said, pilih what you want. segan la nak pilih. Finally I choose this one. Cute lion. Its name Cammel. :D

Thank you so much my dear. I LOVE YOU :D

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