Sunday, 21 April 2013


Assalammualaikum, HyeReader..

Finally this is the end for relation. Finally he choice to broke up. I tot we can discuss it again, and maybe can start over. I tot he love me so much. But actually i  failed. He does not love me anymore, and he choice to couple again with his ex girlfriend. I'm feel so fucking sad. I think, what suppose I do? I love him, I love his family alots. They are important to my life. But, what his doing right no does not show that he  is important toi me to remember again. Why he doing like this... it is some point to make me ignore him or because he already does not love me anymore and he doing his because actually he already skandal with that women? All now become question in my head. But I have t let it go because I have many job to do. So, life must go on. Do the right.

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