Monday, 7 May 2012

EKPLORASI SENI Taman Negara Pahang

Asslammualaikum, hi reader.story mory about my majoring trip. We went to visit a National Park, Pahang. 

The first day there, we were wet with rivers of water when the boat. We compete and play with water. After that, we went to visit native village. They teach us about how to turn on the fire only using the friction of the wood with a cane and learn to use chopsticks blowpipes. We saw a cute little native children, and that have little knowledge about the life of indigenous people Bateq. In the evening, we were doing in the forest nightwalk National Park and we have seen all kinds of animals at night.

The second day, we are doing through the forest again, but this time with drawing tools.Most no events for me was when I fell in the mud twice and rolled in steep and cling tothe tree using only arms that are the effects of bruising on the legs and arms, my thighsand swelling. We also walked on a high suspension bridge 10 meters. I am very afraid that if there is a snake that pass over my head.

The third day and a little gift presenter of group activity. My group came in second. I feel very proud.

oh yes! dan makanan yang sgt best. 1st time merasa ikan patin tempoyak pahang.

HARAP MAAF, x sompek den nak rotate gmbo. nak tgok kne terbalikkn lappy or pc.haha. ;)

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